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Record Store Day – Wax Trax

In a day and age where discovering new music is easier and more accessible than ever before, since 2007, the third Saturday in April has been a bastion of hope for bands, record labels, and anyone with an “old school” attitude towards supporting artists. Record Store Day, through special releases, performances, and appearances, is a way for the musical community – be it locally, nationally, and internationally – to celebrate music by getting people out from behind their computer to see bands, meet like-minded people, and of course – buy records.

This year, Wax Trax in Denver, Colorado hosted a free afternoon show in the back of their main store with three lesser known local punk bands – Big Trouble, Popwreck, and 25 Rifles. Though none of the bands had records to release to celebrate the day, Big Trouble was just two weeks past the release of their “No Patience” CD/cassette EP, and 25 Rifles is on the cusp of releasing their 7″ EP “The History Of Flags”.

– All photos by Morgan Carpenter, with the exception of the Big Trouble photos by Bryan Flanagan.


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