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Punk Rock Chameleon Jack Grisham Shows Off Pop Sensibilities

Iconic SoCal Singer, Author, and social firebrand reinvents himself sonically with 14 new tracks and resumes musical partnership with Joykiller guitarist Sean Greaves.

Orange County based label, Moonlight Graham Records, has announced the forthcoming release from the newest musical project by legendary punk rock provocateur Jack Grisham (T.S.O.L., Cathedral of Tears, The Joykiller).

The iconic Southern California singer and his dynamic new band, the Manic Low, offer up their full length debut release, Songs For An Up Day, on June 12th. The record will be available for $9.99 from iTunes, and on CD for $14.98 or vinyl for $22.98 from the band’s web site at: Don’t miss the album’s first single, “Some Days Are Grey.”

Drawing heavily from Grisham’s 60’s & 70’s musical upbringing, combined with an infectious guitar-driven, garage rock pulse, the Manic Low offer up 14 warm and undeniably catchy tracks that will leave listeners craving more. the Manic Low’s Songs for an Up Day, features several notable punk rock veterans including Sean Greaves (Joykiller, Mike Ness Band), Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45 Grave, and Nina Hagen) and Rob MiLucky (Devil’s Brigade). Also appearing on the record is Steve Soto (Agent Orange, Adolescents, Manic Hispanic).

“Sometimes records just happen – like car wrecks. I walked into Moonlight Graham to do a spoken word show and I walked out making a hard-pop record,” says Jack Grisham.

Over his storied musical career, which spans nearly three decades, Jack Grisham has continually combined unique musical influences. From the aggressive punk rock power of TSOL, to the goth-tinged darkness of Cathedral of Tears, and the pop-infused hooks of Joykiller, the singer has constantly explored new musical territory with each of his bands. The Manic Low, sees the return of the partnership between Grisham and guitarist Sean Greaves, whose own pop-punk sensibilities were quite evident in the Joykiller.

“It’s great writing with Greaves again, because it’s a rare thing to connect on an emotionally underdeveloped level as we do – two big kids, sitting around the living room, bitching about personal liberty as we craft pop tunes,” adds Grisham.

“To many who only know Jack Grisham as the frontman for TSOL, the Manic Low is a radical departure from the raw energy of punk rock,” says Bart Silberman, President and Founder of Moonlight Graham Records.

“Grisham is a true musical chameleon and shows us a completely different side on “Songs for an Up Day.” Longtime fans will instantly recognize his undeniable voice and passionate and sometimes darkly-tinged lyrics, but the Manic Low will also find a new legion of fans with a more melodic, pop-driven sound.”

“Fans of The Smiths, The Jam, The Stranglers, and even old hippies who dig The Beatles are gonna be down with the Manic Low!” asserts Jack Grisham’s mother.

Songs For An Up Day Track List:

1. I’m Free
2. Good Girls Come Home
3. Some Girls Own Me
4. It’s Alright
5. Broke Up
6. The Love Letter
7. Let Me Come Up
8. Can We Go
9. Monday (Can’t Forget You)
10. Everything You Do
11. Daylight Comes
12. Some Days Are Grey
13. Amazing Star
14. Choked Out in a Candy Store

About Moonlight Graham Records:

Moonlight Graham Records is an extension of the iconic Americana-inspired clothing and retail store, Moonlight Graham, located in Orange County CA’s historic Orange Circle, and focuses on a variety of established and up-and-coming artists, bands and musicians inspired by punk rock and a DIY indie spirit and creative work ethic. With an artist roster featuring releases by John Doe and Exene Cervenka of X, Jack Grisham of TSOL, and many more soon to be announced, Moonlight Graham Records looks to become a unique bastion for inspired rock and roll and roots music. More information on Moonlight Graham Records is available at:


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