The Dwarves

Punk Rock Bowling 2011 – Monday Festival Show

The last day was filled with exhaustion and really about 20+ hours worth of music standing in a hot parking lot and not much sleep at the hotel. We didn’t get to the show until Manic Hispanic was about to take the stage, and had kind of planned out that we would see The Dwarves through to Leftover Crack, and then get back to hotel to start packing for trip home. You’ll see from the images that’s pretty much what we did, except being able to see a little of Citizen Fish, which we really regret not making it to earlier, as we would’ve loved to catch more of them. Check for more details on the review, this was a fun few hours.

Lineup: Stagger and Fall, Reducers SF, Citizen Fish, Manic Hispanic, The Dwarves, Leftover Crack, Agnostic Front, Cock Sparrer


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