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News: Tony Sly Memorial Website Announced

Rory Koff, long time drummer of No Use For A Name has put up a memorial website dedicated to Tony Sly and his memory. The site is dedicated to hosting stories, images and also a link to donate to the memorial fund to support Tony’s daughters, Fiona and Keira.

There is also upload links to upload your own Tony Sly stories, images and videos.

This quote comes from the site home page:

Dedicated Husband, father, son, brother and friend. Tony was compassionate and loving, smart and witty, focused and determined. He always stopped and took a moment to listen to anyone who would speak to him. He was extraordinary, but quite ordinary and humble.

Music was his language.Tony was a very passionate and poetic songwriter, and had an amazing ear for music.He touched many hearts through his songs. Tony had a profound influence on many people’s lives; inspiring and influencing people all around the world.

Tony gave the world his all…

Tony Sly: Nov. 4, 1970 – July 31st, 2012


onTheWeb: Tony Sly Memorial Site | No Use For A Name

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