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News: Reverse The Curse Enters Studio To Begin Work On Sophomore Full-Length

Hiram, Ohio-based post-hardcore rockers Reverse The Curse are entering the studio today to begin work on their sophomore full-length album for Paper + Plastick Records. The band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Ed Starcher, guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Andy Cook, bassist/vocalist Connor Johnson and drummer Joey Regets – will record their new album with Eric Cronstein (Struck By Lightning, The Sidekicks, Lemon Sky).

Reverse The Curse’s second full-length effort will be the follow-up to the critically respected Hither & Yon, which caused a stir in the summer of 2011 with its release on Paper + Plastick. Alternative Press editor Scott Heisel wrote that the band decidedly turned away from the popular trends in post-hardcore, creating a new sound, experimenting with new techniques, and ultimately pulling them off remarkably, as “…the band’s most unexpected tones and turns feel the most accomplished and gripping … Reverse The Curse are taking a popularized punk sound they’d already honed well and breaking it apart for something new and exciting. If that’s the new trend, they’ve effortlessly spearheaded it.”

With newly added full-time member Andy Cook, Reverse The Curse is excited to get in the studio and record a fresh new album.

“This will be our first record with us recording and writing as a four-piece. We all moved to Columbus, Ohio, to write these songs, and couldn’t be more thrilled to record them.”

Considering the praise Reverse The Curse saw for Hither & Yon, its new album will certainly be a hotly anticipated release for the early part of 2013. Stay tuned to their facebook and twitter for updates in the studio!


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