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News: Dang! Records Sign Sic Waiting

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Dang! Records has announced today they will be working with Sic Waiting from Carlsbad, CA. Dang! will be releasing Sic Waiting’s new EP, Vices, on Sept 4th and pre-orders will begin on August 14th.

Below is a message Jared of Sic Waiting wrote regarding the release and tour:

“Before we get started we want to send our thoughts and love to the family, friends, and fans of Tony Sly who passed away last week. It’s difficult to really express what his music has meant to us over the years; suffice it to say that none of us would be the same people without it. And it’s a pretty safe bet that Sic Waiting would not be the same or may not even exist without No Use for a Name. Thank you Tony for your words and tunes and inspiration, and for being a real and kind person. We’ll see you on the outside….


Now, I know that our ‘announcements’ of late have been about making an ‘announcement.’ I know that’s a bunch of douche-baggery. And I know it’s been some time since we were able to announce anything very relevant but that’s because, much like a monkey bowel movement, we were saving up so we could throw it all at you at once. So here you go:

To begin with, we got us a new record! Well, an EP on cd that is. We’ve been hardly at work on it these past couple months in LA with Ken Cain, producer of Anchors Astray, and we’re stoked to finally be releasing it on August 28th! It’s called Vices and it’s got some brand new wholesome tracks for your parental advisory fulfillment. See below for the track listing and cover art and be sure to let us know what you think! But only if you think it’s awesome and we’re overage, under appreciated prodigies. Otherwise shut up.

Next order of business, for the release of Vices we’ve signed with Dang!Records out of Texas. We were originally planning to release it on our own like the last couple records, but Shaun from Dang! came along and offered us a ton of cash and Cadillacs and we couldn’t say no. We even let him talk us into a Mountain Dew endorsement (we doo doo the dew). In all seriousness, Dang! is a great label and pretty much the only reason Vices is being released any time soon. So go check ‘em out and follow them because they will have all the info on presale, special release package and contest info, and because it might almost make up for me hitting Shaun up pretty much every night of his honeymoon.

Another little thing, we’ll be headed out on a national tour supporting Vices starting August 30th! We will be hitting 65 cities in 58 states, or something like that. I don’t know-count ‘em, the poster’s below. The (un)Paid Vacation Tour is sure make us big time rich rock stars by the end, so be sure and get out to a show while we still have the time and attention span to maybe say hi to you whilst looking off introspectively at apparently nothing. And as if all this wasn’t enough, we have a brand new merch line for all of you to spend those dollars that you danced so hard to earn! This will also be the first national tour on which we will be selling our ENTIRE catalog at the shows. So if you don’t have one of the old records, get it while the gettin’s average.

So from here on out there will be a lot goin’ on over here. Make sure you stay on top of everything, as we know is your top priority. Fuck work, drink beer.

Here is the cover art and tracklisting for the upcoming EP:


1. My Reputation Precedes Me
2. It’s Not Rocket Science
3. Lines In The Road
4. The Business
5. Long Island Sound 

Here is also a flyer from the upcoming (Un)Paid 2012 Vacation Tour:

(Un)Paid 2012 Vacation Tour

Stay tuned!


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