Rockaway Tavern

Media: Lipstick Homicide, Allout Helter, Fake Boys, St. Fall Apart

The Rockaway Tavern hosted a night of pure punk rock that actually had a mix of 4 very different bands with the same idea of what it is to completely kick ass as a band. All the bands were genuinely excited to play together and you could feel it in the air that even though the streets were under construction and there was a ton of other shows in town, the people there were going to have a damn good time and enjoy each others sets.

Lipstick Homicide blew us away with their brand of super charged pop punk, then Allout Helter shredded us with their earnest and more technical punk sound. Then The Fake Boys took the stage with their very sinncere, without a hitch, brand of  punk rock with St. Fall Apart finishing out the night with pure punk debauchery. A completely successful night at The Rockaway and below are some images and videos if you missed out on any of the action.



Lipstick Homicide - Video Allout Helter - Video Fake Boys - Video

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