Living in Colorado Really Has its Benefits – A Musical Love Story

So some people complain about Colorado and the dryness in weather or some might even complain that our music scene is a little dry at times. Well, I find that hard to believe when there is so much to do at any given time and there is no shortage of music in this state and our surrounding areas. Take Wyoming for instance. This is where Teenage Bottlerocket resides and keeps us on a permanent pogo year after year. A hop, skip and a jump from that is New Mexico where Timmy V from The Lillingtons resides with his new band Stabbed In Back. Then we have some great local heroes like The Gamits, The Nobodys and Pinhead Circus that pop up and still give us the pleasure of seeing them. We also host many great touring bands and with the Blasting Room being right in Fort Collins, there are always great bands that do “secret shows” while they’re up there.

A couple of examples would be when The Lemons reunion happened, ALL pulled out some secret appearances or when Rise Against played a special set  in a small retail space for a very small audience. Yup, we actually do have a community of people who get to see some pretty rad stuff, so be jealous rest of the world.

What is the point of all this? Well, it’s happening again this weekend . Since Timmy V (The Lillingtons) will be in town playing a show with his new band Stabbed In Back in Fort Collins on Saturday with Stat Dad (which happens to contain Miggy of Teenage Bottlerocket) and Kody from Teenage Bottlerocket was going to come up to see the show anyway, the only natural thing to do would be to play a few Lillingtons songs with Miggy on bass. Don’t ya think?

Yes, that’s exactly what is happening and you would be a fool to miss the show with the line-up already being great in the first place with Allout Helter, Stabbed In Back and Stat Dad! So be there at Surfside Seven this Saturday, July 14th if you would like something to look back on fondly and say “I was there”. This is NOT a Lillingtons reunion. Just some guys getting together and playing some songs we all love

As if this wasn’t enough, the very next week, Wednesday July 18th, Teenage Bottlerocket will be having their tour kickoff with The Dopamines, Elway and Head Injuries for FREE! They’ll be touring to support their most recent release on Fat Wreck Chords, Freak Out!.

So the moral of this story is. The only reason you could possibly think this town sucks is because you’re sitting there not paying attention to our eZine (shameless plug) and missing out on some pretty amazing people, events and shows. Yes, we are quite literally and figuratively on fire right now! We’ll see you out there supporting local music!?

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