Interview: Robin and Rhys of Solutions.

Cardiff, Wales is the home of the band called Solutions., and one of the few bands that has gotten me excited about music again. Not only because they are all incredibly good looking, but because their music is absolutely fantastic, heartfelt, and bringing back something that made me love music in the first place…honesty. One listen to the song “Fighting Tigers” and I was a huge fan. I seem to also have this leaning toward bands that are from the UK lately, they’re bringing back that stripped down honesty that makes me believe in music again. I also don’t generally do interviews, because well, I haven’t really found a band that inspired me to do so in a while. Well this is me, doing an email interview with Robin Williams (drums/vocals) and Rhys Pearce (guitar/vocals), because their band rules and I felt it was a great opportunity to get more people to check them out. Now they just need to come to America, preferably Colorado, and play some shows, or even a backyard bbq for me and me only. Any way you slice it, I want to see them live and looking forward to what they do next.

Dawn: So let’s get the standard stuff out-of-the-way. How did you guys get started and what inspired you to do this thing called music?

Robin: Started in the bedroom, Robin and Nicky clumsily attempting to put formation to many ideas. Later on with the addition of Rhys & Eddie the music/band took shape. Inspiration taken from both method/musicianship of our punk forefathers whilst attempting to funnel our wide spectrum of cross-genre inspirations and passions into a coherent and melodic sound.

Rhys: Brilliantly worded, Robin!

I always like to know who’s who in a band.  So, who plays what – we want names, instrument and musical background?

Rhys – Guitars/Vox/Love/Hugs and general good vibes 

Eddie – Bass/Vox/Patience/Talent/Protein shakes

Robin – Drums/Vox/Organisation/Tattoos

Nicky – Vox/Guitars/Words/Frustrations/Law Enforcer

As for musical influences, we all sing from the same song sheet to a degree, but all listen to varied/appreciate all types of music……..accept Nikki Minaj….She can fuck off!

What’s the music scene like in Wales? Are their good venues and a pretty constant support of the music?

Robin: The music scene is variable, it mostly depends on weather/rugby games/hair cuts and drink deals. There are a few good venues dotted around i.e. Clwb Ifor Bach, Le Pub and The Basement. It’s a fairly band filled scene being that there’s something going on near enough every night of the week. Whether people go to the shows or not is a different story.

RhysYeah, there’s definitely a few scenes going on, but we try to remain neutral and play with whoever we can.

Do you expect to get to the US to do any touring? If so, when and what bands will you be touring with (or hope to tour with)?

Robin: We plan to get over to the US as soon as humanly possible, our comrades SHARKS are doing well for themselves over there at the moment and we hope to ride on their coat-tails to the states and enjoy what the home of all things BIG has to offer! Fest being something we’ve all dreamed about playing!

Rhys: I’m really digging the Cheap Girls record at the moment, it would be awesome to play some shows with those guys.

Tell us a little bit about Histrionics. What can we expect from this upcoming release?

Robin: Histrionics takes what we have previously written/recorded and re-invents it into to something a little more varied and diverse. We don’t like to stay within a 1-dimensional state but push what’s come to be expected of us. There are plenty of sing-a-long choruses and hand on heart gang vocals. To date it’s our favorite recording, both in outcome and process! We are VERY proud of this record and cannot wait for it to be heard!

Rhys: I think what makes this record so special to me was that it was all four of us throwing ideas at each other and giving input on how the songs should sound, It also sounds like the type of record that I would listen to that makes me happy.

What bands should we know about here in the US that we may not hear much about?

Robin: As mentioned previously, SHARKS are doing the rounds…so if you get a chance to check them out, DO IT with haste! There’s tons of rad bands making the waves in the UK at the moment, least of whom is CRAZY ARM, a combination of punk and folk skillfully executed. Also, on a less punk focused deal, The Twilight Sad, of scottish and gloomy origin, they infuse beautiful words with visceral sounds that HAVE to be listened to!

Rhys: There’s so many great artists/bands, its hard to think of them all…The Doublecross, Hell Money, Goodtime Boys, Beasts, Exit International….I could keep going!

Who is the cutest one in the band? 

Robin: ME….obviously and I’m the only single one. Think Tin-Tin…..with tattoos and no dog!

Rhys: I think Robin has made that perfectly clear (laughs)

Anything else you’d like everyone to know before we wrap this up?

Robin: Just to try and check us out if you get a chance, we have a Facebook/Twitter/Reverbnation/blog etc., and I’m sure there’s a copy of our first record ‘the first two years’ circulating on the internet somewhere for free, so get on Mediafire, download it and have a listen! And thanks for any/all the support!

Rhys: Yeah, I would just like to say a big thanks to Dawn and Johnny for inviting us to For the love of punk..and we hope to see you guys in the not so distant future!

The album Historionics has been mixed and mastered at this point and has a possible July, 2012 release date. You can check out two songs from the upcoming release “Harmony in the Heart of a Hurricane” and “Whatever Keeps You Alive” at their ReverbNation site HERE.

Also, they released a collective of their first two years on Seven Records and properly titled it The First Two Years which you can download on their bandcamp site HERE.

Check out the video that started all the buzz here at For the Love of Punk below and stay tuned on their twitter and Facebook for more details on the upcoming release. We’ll be keeping you posted here as well.

Also, here is a stream of three songs from The First Two Years and an unreleased song from the upcoming Historionics

[mp3player width=600 height=340 config=solutions-large.xml playlist=solutions.xml]


onTheWeb: Solutions. Blog | Solutions. Facebook | Solutions. bandcamp | Solutions. reverbnation

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  1. I officially Love this band, they rule!

  2. these dudes need to get to the states? My new favourite band

  3. diediemydarling

    Their stuff rules!

  4. This band have members who are guilty of racist attacks on asylum seekers. They are worse than Skrewdriver.

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