Straight Outta Luck

Gallery: Straight Outta Luck, Holley 750, Royal Dead and Even Death May Die at the Moon Room

I always find new music when I go to a show where I am new to most or all of the bands. Such was my experience at this multi-genre local show at the Summit’s Moon Room.

The crowd at the show that night was about 90% band members that would be coming on later that night. A delightful surprise when they hopped up on stage to play for an unfamiliar face such as mine. Camaraderie certainly ran thick with Even Death May Die starting the night off.

I immediately fell in love with Royal Dead. Such an intense Psychobilly band was not something I had expected to find at a local level like this. Their beautiful instruments & accompanying intense personal style proved quite the treat for my lens.

Holley 750 gave me speed that I was not quite ready for. It was interesting photographing such old faces that had history written all over them. Their strength was undeniable.

Straight Outta Luck got the crowd moving even more, bringing the night to a close with a brand of music that reminded me of a lot of older bands, reminiscent of many near-dead vocalists. Their energy was well balanced, and they definitely made the crowd start moving much more before the night was over.


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