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Gallery: Stat Dad Record Release – Laramie, WY

Stat Dad‘s record release show almost didn’t happen.  Blast Pattern from Fort Collins broke up,  Jesse from Non-Prophet Mohammeds came down with Bronchitis that turned into Pneumonia and their bassist Lucas had skipped town on hipster business some weeks ago.  The chances of me playing bass in Dude, Ch!ck Band for what would be our debut show was not looking good, my jaw was hurting and I had decided it would have to be October 5th to get teeth yanked out.  Everyone’s horror stories of being bedridden be damned!


Dude, Ch!ck Band actually happened (vicodin yay!), Shocktroopers drove over from Rock Springs,  Paul Bartow from Shotgun Shogun filled in bass for Non-Prophet with Jesse risen almost from the dead voice mostly intact.  

When Stat Dad came on the feeling in the room went from feel-good hangout time with friends to chaos.  Something about Miguel in drag seemed to put a lot of people into a frenzy, Perhaps it was the way eyeshadow brought out his eyes.  As soon as the first chord was struck I was drenched in beer from behind and more was promptly spilled all over the floor. Footing became treacherous, I feared for my life and my camera.  People were moshing and falling and pulling down anyone in their reach.  I saw the same guys go down time and time again, only to rise up slightly bewildered and pe right back in, though they did calm down a little during the several new songs.  There were girls in the front row alternately trying to fondle/punch JD and Mig’s crotches, no one tried to touch Clint; not even when he’d step forward and put his guitar in the air.  The set ended with what seemed like an eternity of feedback from Clint’s abandoned guitar.  I looked for my scattered drunken bandmates, high-fived a few well-wishers, helped load up our gear and walked home, the strains of “She Put Me in A Dress” stuck in my head.


You can still get Mominatrix at Sexy Baby Records and from Interpunk or try and catch their next show and grab a copy.




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