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Gallery: Rise Against, Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music

On Tuesday, September 25th, we decided to take on one of the bigger venues and shows in Denver with Rise Against, Gaslight Anthem and Hot Water Music. It seems a bit daunting at first as a photographer because you’re never quite sure what you’re getting into and small shows are more personal and the lighting and stages are completely different. There is also a different “feel” to the photos in smaller places vs. larger places, but I was determined to catch the night as best I could. In all reality, the photo pit was nice and the stage light show made for some really fun photography.

The show itself was also really great in the fact that they apparently have a schedule and really stick to it. Hot Water Music came on right on time and by the time we got to Rise Against, they were also right on cue with their set time. Pretty impressive for venues in general and something I could get used to.

Still a little strange to see Hot Water Music open for Gaslight Anthem, but all of us have seen things of this nature throughout the music industry at times. Bands go up and down in the more commercial side of music and one year can be the headliner, the next opening for a band that just started weeks before. This obviously didn’t change performance and there’s something to be said for a band you really like coming out, kicking you in the face and not really having time to mess around. They played their songs and said goodnight, leaving you wanting more. That’s what it’s all about.

The Gaslight Anthem stage was set up minutes later and they hit the stage kicking into a mix of old and new. I’ve seen Gaslight Anthem at a small bar, a medium sized venue, and now this venue. Honestly, I enjoyed them more during their smaller venue days, as I felt they were more passionate about their music. That said, they played a great set and they were incredibly tight and good to watch. There was a little lull in the middle of the set where Brian Fallon decided to take the opportunity to proclaim that it was “his 55 minutes and he’ll spend it any way he wants”, not too unlike the YouTube video most of us have seen floating around. Then going into a few points about other subjects burning right now including “mandatory medical coverage” and Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Even if I disagree with most everything he was saying, it was entertaining to say the least. 

Again, right on time, Rise Against’ stage lit up with LED’s of many current affairs burning up the television and the lights blew up with them running on stage with more energy than some of the youngest bands out there today. These guys seriously get you excited the second they take the stage without playing a note. The set was flawless and they played songs old and new with an incredible light show as to capture some pretty fun images. Check out the gallery and see for yourself. It was a fun show and still got home in time to get some much needed rest since this was a week night show.


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