Punk Rock Bowling 2012

Gallery: Punk Rock Bowling – Fest Day 2

It’s day 2 of the Punk Rock Bowling festival shows and I don’t know what they pump in the air in Vegas, but I should’ve been much more tired then I was.  The lineup for day 2 was Rancid, Cockney Rejects, Hepcat, Street Dogs, Old Man Markley, The Beltones, American Heist, and American Werewolves.  We didn’t attend any club shows this day due to lack of funds and lack of energy.

All the bands on day 2 were amazing! I was way to excited to see Rancid. They delivered a perfect set, complete with an encore which included “Ruby Soho”. It was amazing watching and hearing the entire crowd belt out Rancid songs in unison. I might’ve gotten misty-eyed looking out over the crowd, hearing everyone singing, and thinking if the entire world were like that it would be a much better place. 5,000 people were united in music and a love for a scene that many would kill and/or die for or without. We were a big family and it was very apparent at that moment (even the barfing guy in the corner).


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