Punk Rock Bowling 2012

Gallery: Punk Rock Bowling 2012 – Fest Day 1

By this time we are already running off limited sleep due to the Municipal Waste, Dwarves, Stop Breathing and Word Salad show that technically was the first show we went to of the weekend. This is Day 1 of the festival in which NOFX, The Adicts, The English Beat, The Briefs, Real McKenzies, Far From Finished, Holding On To Sound & The Dips would be taking the stage. Sadly, we missed the first few bands due to getting settled and typical first day Las Vegas confusion. NOFX headlined of course and apparently played Punk in Drublic in its entirety, so that was pretty darn rad! We had to skip out before the end to make it to the night show we had tickets to see. Good thing we did too, because after NOFX was over, many people didn’t get to see the bands they wanted at the night show(s).

Our night show of choice was No Use For A Name, Good Riddance, Dead to Me and The Bombpops. All great bands!!! I had never seen the Bombpops and they were great. They were one of the few female fronted bands this year. Dead to Me was great, as usual, and Chicken was celebrating 35 days of sobriety (go Chicken). Good Riddance was tight and Russ did his thing. When they came on I peered out the window and I saw many unhappy people in line getting pretty upset that they were missing the band they came to the evening show to see. Admittedly we missed NUFAN due to the fact I couldn’t feel my legs and my feet were feeling pain like I’ve never felt before. So we headed back to the Golden Nugget around 1:00 a.m. to rest up for Day 2.


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