Poor Me.

Gallery: Poor Me. at Bar Bar in Denver

So it’s a Sunday night and all our favorite shows are on. You know the ones. Just had a decent BBQ and was about ready to settle into our “normal” Sunday routine of pretty much a hell of a lot of nothing. I notice my phone starts vibrating and it was a little more than usual. Pick it up and notice on the other end is Brett Delaney and Ross Hostage hitting me up about the return from tour show for Poor Me. out of Laramie, WY. They give me all the details and I sit and ponder my existence, start thinking about working early and all the things Sunday afternoon seems to get in your head that really just ruins your day and makes you sit there and come up with reasons to not do a damn thing. After a few back and forth conversations and a couple pats on the full stomach, I decided this wasn’t going to be one of those Sundays to think about work and wonder what could have been if I would have just went and supported a few friends. So off to the shower it was and we packed up the camera to head to Bar Bar in Denver.

We arrive to all the Poor Me. boys outside talking about all the tour stories. Blown tires, fart jokes and how one of them (not naming names) was really looking forward to getting home to their cat. Of course the wife took this as an opportunity to proclaim her love for cats. This after I just had an experience with the cats ruining my nap by using my legs as play time obstacles. Oh the joy of pet ownership. Back to the subject at hand. There was also a bit of an issue with the line-up in which the band that was supposed to play last didn’t even show. 

Apparently a lot of people had the same Sunday idea about sitting on the couch and submitting to the idea they’re life should be based around thinking of the next day instead of finishing up the enjoyment of the weekend because there wasn’t a lot of people there. But it didn’t matter and it made no difference to our Poor Me. boys. They loaded their gear in, hooked up their own P.A. and proceeded to kick through their set like they were playing for a packed house. Actually, in some ways shows like this are better than that. They are more personal and full of life because there is perception to live up to. They just played, smiled and enjoyed time with their friends.

This situation also lent itself to giving Dawn free run of the place to get some great pictures which you’ll see below. Fact is, it was a good night and I’m really glad we went and supported our friends, plus there’s a thing called DVR, our Sunday tv shows can wait.


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