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Gallery: Melvins Lite and Tweak Bird

The Melvins are one of my favorite live bands – though I am very new to them compared to real fans (I’ve seen them three times now compared to the national average of what, 12?).

So I was totally stoked to be able to see them twice on their “51 states in 51 Days” tour, and to take pictures. The first night was at Forum 619 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Why Cheyenne was chosen is beyond me other than it’s convenient proximity to I-25 so no one would have to venture too far into the void. During the show there was some moshing and trampling of short women (not me) but not enough to make Buzz stop playing. The stage at Forum 619 is probably the smallest area the bands have ever played on. It’s also really low – I was so close to Buzz I could smell his breath while my kneecaps were slowly being ground into the stage edge.

Denver turned out to be a great show as well, the crowd was calmer overall even though some blood was spilled in the front row. Some drunk dude hit his nose on the stage or something.

Oh, and Tweak Bird was really good too, I bought their live record.


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