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Gallery: Masked Intruder and Shocktroopers at Surfside 7

Last week on September 6th an event happened at the Surfside 7 in Fort Collins, CO. That event was a really amazing show with Masked Intruder and Wyoming’s Shocktroopers. What we thought would be too small of a venue for this ended up actually being an amazingly intimate setting with both of these bands. The show was not announced on Masked Intruder page so it really just created a local buzz of friends that were “in the know” and probably one of the last times we’ll see Masked Intruder in this setting because they’re kinda blowin’ up out there.

Shocktroopers got on and murdered us with a seriously tight punch to the face, then before you know it Masked Intruder hit the stage and played everything you can pull from the newest album. It was a group singalong fest and one of the most fun shows of the year. Jayme Cabre had camera in hand to catch all the action. Also Ray Carlisle decided to grab the camera to get into the world of photography…


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    Pictures from our show with Masked Intruder. Thank you Johnny and thank you Jamy!!!

  • Shocktroopers Wyoming Punk Rock

    I meant Jayme sorry for the misspell.

    • FTLP Admin

      Actually it is Jamy and apparently I screwed up on the watermark 😉

      Fixing it now. Don’t know how that happened hahaha

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    Thanks Dudes!