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Gallery: Horace Pinker, Pitch Invasion and The Pheasant Pluckers

All egos aside
Horace Pinker proves they’re all about the music
Jo Jo King

Playing to a sparse audience at a dive bar somewhere far from home is nothing knew for Horace Pinker – there’s a reason they’ve been credited as one of the hardest working bands in the nation. Doing it with a stand-in drummer on two-days notice is an entirely different type of challenge. Such was the atmosphere for Horace Pinker at Lion’s Lair on February 16, they’re second date in a three-day stop in Colorado. Horace Pinker is a geographically divided band, to say the least. Guitarist Scott Eastman lives in Omaha, bassist Greg Mytych resides in Chicago and drummer Bryan Jones is trapped in another hemisphere somewhere in Australia. So the fact that Jones was unable to make the trip for a three-day tour, though disappointing, wasn’t surprising. Filling in, on extreme short notice, was the affable drummer of local act Pitch Invasion, Joey Chaos. Any number of things could have gone wrong for these punk veterans, but they handled the entire situation with class. They even set their egos aside and allowed Pitch Invasion to headline the night seeing they were playing to their hometown fans – it may not sound like much, but very few bands with the trajectory of Horace Pinker (one that spans over 20 years) are wont to let a lesser-known act headline their show for a night. Chaos filled in well at the skins while Eastman and Mytych belted out tunes from their recent release Local State Inertia, 2000’s Pop Culture Failure and, just to not let things get to melodic, “Appreciation” from 1996’s Burn Tempe To the Ground.

The impromptu headliners on the night, Pitch Invasion, led a well-imbibed group of locals and yokels through their entertaining set. Sobriety was definitely scarce both on the stage and off seeing the band wasn’t able to get on until about 12:30 (gotta love 21-and-over shows). That said, they entertained in an exceptionally riotous fashion that will bode well for the masses who turn out to see them open for Swingin’ Utters at the Marquis next month.

The opening act had what is probably the best name for a band I’ve seen in a long time. The Pheasant Pluckers used their acoustic, dueling vocals style to entertain the bar-sitters. Not familiar with their repertoire, I can say that I enjoyed their cover The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York.”


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