Gallery: FYF Fest 2011

All of the images at FYF Fest were pretty much based around OFF! and Kid Dynamite since this was the main reason we went to this dust bowl in the first place. We had every intention of getting Guided By Voices, Descendents and Dead Milkmen, but we had some issues staying on track after our lungs were filled with dust and it was a long day with a lot of running around because let’s face it, this was not so much a punk rock fest as much as a hipster fest. You could clearly see this by the fashion that overtook the place.

There were some great bands that we caught, but I am more than bummed we didn’t get any good images or video of the Descendents. Good news is we got tons of video and images of them at Punk Rock Bowling, so we’ll take the heat over the lack of images for this fest.

So enjoy the pictures that we did take and we’ll have a full review and video uploaded soon.


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