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Gallery: Dinosaur Jr. and Shearwater at Bluebird Theater in Denver

Monday night at the Bluebird my first thought after seeing the triple stack of Marshalls and the equally impressive assortment of bass amps and cabs on the stage was, “oh wow, this is going to be loud”. It became the phrase of the night as fellow pit-mongerers dropped in beside me to line the stage front.

After two songs from Shearwater I decided they are probably the make out music of choice for many a hipster trying to impress the girl with the white/blond pixie cut. Ethereal, dreamy, slow, the first half of the set rolled along like that daybreak drive home after pulling an all-nighter. My eyes started to get heavy, I focused on the drummer for some action when the band made a sudden leap into “Immaculate”. I was saved by the song’s Ted Leo-like riffs. Will Sheff’s vocals sounded alot like another band I’d heard sometime before – and it took me until the next morning to realize where – Okkervil River.

Dinosaur Jr. took the stage after a slightly hilarious taping of the four-foot set list printed in a massive font for Mascis. They were tight, they were loud. Barlow was rocking and jumping about like a thirty year old, he also preferred to play in the darkest corner of center stage next to Murph’s kit. Mascis played serenely, but his vocals were buried in the mix. They were there to play their new album, the fans wanted to hear the old stuff. At one point between songs Barlow leaned over the stage edge and squealed his bass in the general direction of a particularly vocal fan, who I think was calling out for “Feel the Pain” by this point I was moving around the sardine packed venue trying to find a better spot to hear vocals. I just didn’t find it.


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