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Gallery and Video: The Dopamines and Boldtype at Marquis Theater

We got the lucky shot of sponsoring yet another show at Marquis Theater on July 17th and this time a Tuesday night turned into a weekend party. There were a couple new local bands that opened which we unfortunately didn’t get a chance to get good photos of but we’ll get ’em next time.

Boldtype took the stage and kicked our ass as they always do and definitely brought their a-game. High octane punk rock with an emphasis on fun and energy. The crowd was a smaller, weeknight crowd, but it made no difference to Boldtype as they plowed through their set and exerted enough energy for 5 bands rolled up into one punk rock package. Every time we see these guys they put a smile on our face. Being a band for almost 10 years in Denver, they have no sign of slowing down and we’re happy about this.

The Dopamines showed up a little late due to some trip length issues, so they didn’t have tons of time to get “prepped” for the show. Yes, this probably entails swilling whatever is in sight, but anyone who’s seen The Dopamines, probably has a clue what the hell we’re talking about. From the second they got on stage, it was like comedy hour at the Marquis. In between song banter, making fun of themselves and the crowd as much as possible. A perfect mix of great songs, stupid humor and public drunkenness. Hands down one of the funniest and most exciting shows of the year and those that didn’t sit at home and wished they would have went, had a complete blast. Hell, we didn’t want to leave and followed them to Fort Collins the next night. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out!

We got some decent pics and a few videos below. Hope you get the idea!






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