Filmage: A story of the Descendents / ALL

A new site and  facebook page has been put up with some information about a movie in the making about the history of Descendents and ALL.  The directors Deedle Lacour and Matt Riggle have posted that they are looking for old photos and video footage for the film. This is definitely something that is way overdue so everyone show your support and get them your footage so this can be one of the best films in all of our collections. Also go to the facebook page and show your support for this project by “liking” the page and check out the teaser trailer on the official homepage.


UPDATE 05.26.11: Filmage crew will be at Punk Rock Bowling to get footage of fans and live performances. Check their Facebook page for more information.

Update 06.01.11: Filmage crew gathered tons of interviews and Footage from Punk Rock Bowling. For the Love of Punk spoke with them and confirmed there is more than an adequate amount of footage to go through and edit. Looks as though this is moving forward at an amazing pace.


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