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Exclusive Stream: Stay Free – Black To Grey

Here at For the Love of Punk we are very happy to introduce you to and stream Black to Grey, the new EP from the UK’s very own Stay Free.

Combining the Melodic grit of SHARKS and the intensity of early Hot Water Music, it’s a sound that has seen the London-based band share stages with Iron Chic, Apologies, I Have None, Crazy Arm and will see the band opening the Punktastic stage at this year’s Crash Doubt Festival which takes place at the Showroom in Lincoln, UK the weekend of the 2nd of june.

Check out the bands Facebook page for release dates and info on where to pick up the EP (which will be available as a free download) or go say hi to them on twitter from the links below.

We are very proud to be able to bring this stream to you!

[mp3player width=600 height=340 config=stayfreeep.xml playlist=stay-free.xml]


onTheWeb: Stay Free Facebook | Crash Doubt Festival

Follow: @StayFreeMusic @CrashDoubtFest

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