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Events: A Final Farewell to Whiskey Kiss

As with many of the best bands, they come in like a shot of lightning and leave us always wanting more. Then when you really think about it, that’s what made the band so great. It’s like when bands play really quick sets and never cross that threshold of annoyance to where you’re using the show as an opportunity to smoke cigarettes and hang outside with your friends. You get hit in the head with intensity then when the time is up, it’s up.

This is how Denver’s Whiskey Kiss spent their time. They came in around 2001, kicked ass all over Denver, had a few tours, put out an album in 2005 and then when they felt the time was right in 2007, they disbanded and left us wanting more. After planning a farewell show that didn’t come to fruition, they’ve decided to give us that last chance to relive those moments, to sings at the top of our lungs and celebrate that time again.

Something that has always stood out in this quote that was printed years ago, “Whiskey Kiss songs stand closer to punks original idealisms, songs about friends, loyalty, respect, and having pride in your town.”, and that statement seems to really put it all in perspective. All the things that make you feel alive are in the bands lyrics and all the reasons punk was so important and gives you the sense of belonging to something more than just simple fast drums, guitar chords and a mouth full of lyrics.

This Friday at 3 Kings Tavern, you can have the chance to say goodbye to Whiskey Kiss and exclaim your love for Denver with “Denver Do Or Die”! To miss this show is almost like saying, “I’m really not into the Denver punk scene”, because these guys helped shape exactly what that means and still continue to do so in other projects.

This IS the final farewell to Whiskey Kiss and a proper goodbye. Please come join us and feel the camaraderie that IS Denver punk. The show will have special guests King Rat, Red Stinger and The Misadventures. See full details in related shows.

Whiskey Kiss Final Show

Listen to their full stream of Encyclopedia Self-Destructica below and get yourself pumped. Also if you want to download the thing for free in order to crank it in your car, hit the bandcamp page HERE. Check the facebook show page HERE to rsvp and be one of those to say “I was there”.


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onTheWeb: Whiskey Kiss Bandcamp 

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