Interview: Kyle Kinane Talks Touring with The Falcon, IHOP Breakfast and Post-Election Hope

Kyle Kinane

After a long night of drinking at the Gman Tavern, I stumbled home (with a little help from some friends) to throw on my unicorn onesie and crawl into bed. I woke up abruptly the next day, three minutes late for my phone interview with Kyle Kinane. Luckily, he was just as tired and groggy sounding as me as we laughed and stumbled through our interview. We discussed a resurgence in the comedy scene as it relates to punk music, old Chicago …

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Interview: Brendan Kelly Talks Touring, Trump and What’s Next For The Falcon

The Falcon

On the evening of the election, before the country was introduced to our new orange overlord and the wonder that is Joe Biden memes, I sat down with Brendan Kelly of The Falcon at the Gman Tavern here in Chicago. Over vodka sodas and warm tea (as we were both ill), we discussed the band’s upcoming tour with Arms Aloft and Kyle Kinane, PC culture, the fate of The Falcon and what pair of shorts are the best to wear while …

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Interview: The Creepshow + Brutal Youth

The Creepshow and Brutal Youth are currently on tour and tearing up live venues as they make their way across the great white north eh? (we don’t really talk like that eh…) Was able to have a chat with Sean from The Creepshow and Patty from Brutal Youth about what’s coming up and being on the road. Read on for the interview and make sure to check your listings so you don’t miss this scorcher of a show! Jay: Thanks for …

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Interview: Four Lights discuss ‘Death to False Posi’

Four Lights

With their debut release Death to False Posi on the digital shelves, we took some time to sit down with the Seattle quartet Four Lights to discuss the album, Seattle and Weezer. FtLP: Death to False Posi has the production value of something that was done meticulously, how long did it take from writing to studio to editing for the whole thing to get put together? Jeff Mangalin (guitar, vocals): Brian, Dan and I started playing together last November. I …

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Ice Cream Anti-Social: The Bollweevils

The Bollweevils

About a month ago, I walked into Cobra Lounge on a rainy night. With a pint of ice cream, I bellied up to the bar, grabbed a drink and sat down with three of the four Bollweevils. While these interviews normally take about twenty minutes, I chatted and laughed with Daryl, Ken and Pete for almost two hours as we tossed back drinks, talked music and went off on hilarious tangents. If you’re in Chicago for Riot Fest this weekend, …

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