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BiB Sessions: An Introduction

We’ve been eluding a little while to some HUGE news that was coming down the pike and got rather quiet about it all until we ironed out some details. Well, here we are making the official announcement about the BiB Sessions. You’re going to notice a new tab up at the top marked “exclusives” and under that little tab is a whole new section which will be content exclusively released on our site. One of those is the BiB Sesssions.

Just what the hell are the BiB Sessions you say? As you’ve probably noticed we have a fantastic relationship with Black In Bluhm Music, a recording studio owned by Chris Fogal (The Gamits, TAUNTAUN) and Dan Fox (Lil Thunder, Sound Collapse) right here in Denver. We wanted to figure out a way we could work together and bring something special for everyone through our friendship/partnership in which a pizza sit down ended up being the catalyst for one hell of a great idea.

Here’s how it works. Bands that come through town are going to get one day in Black In Bluhm to work with Chris and record what they want. We were lucky enough to get Ryan McNurney of Electra Productions to volunteer his video skills in order to capture all the action in the studio. The bands will be armed with the necessary tools including drinks provided by Reverie Brewing Company and their hunger satisfied by Rackhouse Pub. So the band will be fed, made comfortable and get a day in a fantastic studio to lay down whatever they can in the given day.

The final result will be an exclusively released song laid over the video of the whole event and we’ll post it right here on the site for your listening and viewing pleasure! The band can then do what they wish with the amazing recording after we release it. Are you stoked yet?

Well, we’re very excited to announce that the first band to take us up on this idea, or first victims if you will, will be Oklahoma’s Red City Radio and the date is set for August 19th.

So with the coordination of Electra Productions, Reverie Brewing Company, Rackhouse Pub, Soda Jerk Presents and of course Red City Radio; Black In Bluhm and For the Love of Punk welcome you to our new endeavor. Stay Tuned!


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