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Albuquerque, NM singer Kendoll Killjoy (Kendal Fortson), singer of the band Glitter Dick MISSING!

UPDATE 04.19.13 – 4:42pm: Our post has gotten a ton of attention and Kendal to come out of the woodwork to see that people were in fact very worried about him. He has contacted me (Johnny) directly and gave this statement. So although we don’t know his whereabouts, he is okay and now contacting those that were frantically trying to find him. Bottom line is he didn’t want to be found, but all I can say is that our community pulled together and made a difference in bringing this to a conclusion.

Here is Kendal’s statement:

“Having nothing left in Albuquerque I had decided it was time to move on and thought ‘sneaking away in the night’ would be a possibility, but having been alerted to the panic that was caused by trying to leave in such a manner I am just setting the record straight that I’m fine but on the road to try and find what the next chapter in my life will be.”

UPDATE 04.19.13 – 12:30pm: We have just received an update from Suzi of Glitter Dick:

“We just got wind that someone here in Abuquerque recently received an email from Kendal. It was cryptic and somewhat incoherent. I have a feeling he’s in a questionable mental state, but at least we know he’s alive. Lots of mixed emotions here.”

There are still no details to his whereabouts, so please keep sending information to the band as you have it.

Kendal Fortson

I just want to start this post out by saying, THIS IS NOT A HOAX, OR ANY KIND OF PUBLICITY STUNT! Mostly known as Kendoll Killjoy from the Albuquerque, NM band Glitter Dick and former singer of Stabbed In Back, Kendal Fortson is missing after a few fairly tragic events in his life. Suzi (drummer of Glitter Dick), reached out to us to help in any way we can by spreading the news.

Here is a statement from Suzi:

Glitter Dick is asking for any information regarding the whereabouts of their singer Kendoll Killjoy (real name Kendal Fortson).  The band says that he seemed down after a breakup and subsequent house fire that put him into bankruptcy and homelessness.  He was last seen in Albuquerque staying at a Motel 6 following the end of their West Coast tour. The motel said he checked out the following day and a week later his van was found sold for scrap in Denver following an apparent engine failure. 

The band says Kendoll deactivated his Facebook Account and cell phone and his family and friends haven’t received contact from him in over a month.

If anyone has seen him or has any information please contact the band at or email us at [email protected]

Thanks. -Suzi

Everyone, please help in any way you can and if you have any information comment on here, social media or get in touch with Glitter Dick from the links or email above!

AGAIN, THIS IS A REAL STORY AND WE’RE LOOKING FOR REAL INFORMATION! I only stress this because knowing the band ourselves, we’re aware of the tongue in cheek nature and zest for practical jokes, but this is unfortunately not one of those.



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